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The aveda institute of Los Angeles offers a unique learning environment in cosmetology through hands-on, real-world experience. aveda, located in westwood, california, inspires students to exceed expectation and seek lifelong learning beyond the traditional classroom. Aveda promotes the concept that education encompasses more than learning basic technical skills. Our cosmetology curriculum is specifically designed to prepare beauty school students for the state licensing examination and allow them to learn the technical, personal and business skills necessary to work in a professional salon environment.

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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda How To: Low Ponytail for 2016 Stella McCartney Resort Collection

Aveda Guest Artist, Frank Rizzieri, ponied up a “low, thick and simple tail with a tousled side part” for the Stella McCartney 2016 Resort Collection that took place recently at Elizabeth Street Garden in New York City.

The collection was inspired by the look of relaxed and easy going festival-goers. Stunning and billowy, floor-skimming dresses in cream, peach, tangerine and lemon hues were just a few of the highlights featured in the 2016 resort collection.

For the models, Rizzieri created a solid ponytail amped up with style and volume. The ponytails were intensified with a side part and the help of Aveda’s New Thickening Tonic.

“To instantly thicken each strand, I first applied Aveda Thickening Tonic to the models’ hair. I love it because it adds lightweight bulk,” said Rizzieri. “As you spray and layer it in you can immediately feel it expand each strand. It just came out and already it’s one of my kit essentials.”

Here’s how to get the look at home:

1) Prep towel-dried hair with Aveda Thickening Tonic, spraying thoroughly from roots to ends.

2) Comb through to distribute evenly.

3) Blow-dry hair with a round brush, using a nozzle to direct the air down each section.

4) Brush hair away from face and neatly into the same direction at the nape of neck.

5) Once hair is dry, pull hair into a low ponytail using an elastic to secure hold and spray lightly with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray.

6) Run a flat iron through the tail to smooth hair and ensure straightness.

7) Use the palm of hands in circular motions at temples to gently create wispy undone pieces for a more natural look.

8) Finish with a misting of Aveda Brilliant Spray-on Shine.


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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda How to: Bridal Braid

In need of a fashionable, but timeless hairstyle for your big day?! We are totally crushing on our take of a bridal braid. This style can be worn with any type of long hair (curly or straight). We love that this braid is organic and natural and that you can rock it with your own hair texture!

Follow these steps to create the perfect bridal braid:

1. Run some Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade through your pre-dried hair. This will help repel moisture, prevent frizzies and maintain your style through even the most humid wedding day!

2.Part all of your hair to one side, and begin doing a standard three-strand braid, weaving the pieces from underneath to create a raised 3D look.

3. When you’ve reached the top of your ear, begin including hair from the back of head making sure to include all of the remaining hair. Keep weaving your three-strand braid from underneath until you get to your ends. Secure the end of the braid with a clear rubber band. You can dress up the ends with a hair piece or just use the clear rubber band to keep it simple.

4. Tug along the entire length of your braid to create extra volume. If you have any stray strands, tuck them away with vertically placed hairpins.

5. Finish off your style with our strongest holding hair spray, Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.

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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda How to: Spring Color Pop

We are in love with all the pops of color from the Rare Bloom Spring 2015 Aveda collection! One of our favorite looks is the Magenta Petal look created by Aveda Global Artistic Director of Makeup, Janell Geason.

The inspiration for this beautiful look was taken from gorgeous sunsets seen over prairie landscapes. The focus lies entirely on the bright pink lip, which makes this the perfect way for you to update your spring style with a “color pop.”

1) Start by prepping your complexion: create a fresh, semi-matte complexion by applying Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 15and Inner Light Concealer where needed. Set lightly with Inner Light Mineral Pressed Powder.

2) Prep the eyelids, and apply Petal Essence Single Eye Color In Rose Gold, fading from the lash lines to the brows, with the medium eye color brush. Apply the same shade to the inner corners of the eyes.

3) Apply Petal Essence Single Eye Color In Plumeria to the outer corners of the eyes with an eye contour brush.

4) Curl the lashes, and apply Mosscara in Earth to the top and bottom lashes.

5) Prep the lips with Nourish-Mint Renewing Lip Treatment before adding color.

6) Apply Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lip Color in Magenta Berry to the center of the lips.

7) Apply Nourish-Mint Lip Liner In Dragon Fruit to the center of the lips, and diffuse the color to the edges with the eye smudger brush.

8) Apply Petal Essence Face Accents In Tesserae along the cheekbones with the blush brush.


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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda How to: Lush and Springy Curls

We are totally digging the lush and beautiful curls seen below on Meron, from our Rare Bloom Spring 2015 collection!

These lush and springy curls are vibrant and perfectly styled to highlight the hair’s texture and gorgeous color. Always a big fan of curls, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Textured Hair , Tippi Shorter, created the look by using the peculiar shape of sunflowers and their movement in the wind as inspiration.

“Spring is when people start letting their hair texture fly,” Shorter says. “These curls do just that; they’re light, airy, touchable and soft.”

Here’s how to get the look:

1) Divide your hair into 3 sections (back and sides). Beginning in the back section, take a 1” square subsection, and clip the remaining hair aside.

2) Prep damp hair by emulsifying 1 pump of Be Curly Style-Prep in your hands and running them through the subsection. Brush through with an Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush.

3) Style by emulsifying a pea-size amount of Brilliant Humectant Pomade in your hands and spread it on the same subsection.

4) Divide the subsection into 2 strands, and twist them together in the desired direction from roots to ends using firm tension. Repeat until all the hair is set.

5) Using your blow dryer on high heat, to fully dry.

6) Finish by massaging 4-6 drops Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil into your hair. Untwist hair and gently separate with your fingers or the tail of a tail comb to build maximum volume.


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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda How To: Rare Bloom Crown Braid

This spring, we want you to get inspired by Aveda’s Rare Bloom Spring 2015 limited-edition collection. Rare Bloom perfectly portrays both the creativity and beauty that is found throughout Mother Nature. These inspirations helped create the earth-toned makeup, Bohemian-inspired hair, and beautiful tones of blonde that is the season’s collection.

Braids are a staple when it comes to spring. The look of the Rare Bloom Crown Braid created by Allen Ruiz, Aveda Global Artistic Director of Hair Styling, is a whimsical updo that will compliment every face shape and can easily transition from day to night.

Here’s how to get the look:

1. Prep hair by emulsifying Aveda Control Paste between your hands and stroke evenly over the hair for control and grip.

2.  Part hair on a diagonal starting at the right front and ending at the nape at the left back; clip sections loosely in place to keep hair out of the way as you work.

3. Starting on one section, braid hair loosely starting in the front and working toward the nape of the neck. Feed the braid only from the crown, not from the sections nearer the braid. This is what creates the wreath-like shaping.

4. Stop adding to the braid when you reach the nape of the neck. Continue braiding until you reach the ends then secure with an elastic band.

5. Repeat this process on the opposite side.

6. Now you have two lovely braids; to create an ethereal organic texture, take a braid firmly in your hands and gently spread sections, massaging the braids with the fingers to create a loosened look. Emulsify 2 drops of Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil in hands and finish massaging the braids for a touch of healthy shine; stop when desire shape is achieved.

7. Now loop one braid up and secure with pins; repeat on the other side.

8. Finish with Aveda Air Control for a light hold that preserves the style but still allows for wispy movement.


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