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The aveda institute of Los Angeles offers a unique learning environment in cosmetology through hands-on, real-world experience. aveda, located in westwood, california, inspires students to exceed expectation and seek lifelong learning beyond the traditional classroom. Aveda promotes the concept that education encompasses more than learning basic technical skills. Our cosmetology curriculum is specifically designed to prepare beauty school students for the state licensing examination and allow them to learn the technical, personal and business skills necessary to work in a professional salon environment.

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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

3 Simple Rules for Selecting a Prom Hairstyle

Lauren Conrad down hairstyle

We love Lauren Conrad’s simple, but elegant non-updo!

Prom season is such a special time of year for every girl! Oftentimes the preparations for the prom can be just as fun as the dance itself – But, selecting the perfect dress, hairstyle and makeup look can also be uber daunting and stressful.

So, young fashionistas take note! The Aveda Institute Los Angeles has you covered with some great tips on how to choose your hair and makeup style for the prom. We’ll tell you how to pick the perfect look for yourself so when prom day comes, you can sit back, relax and get glammed up without all the stress.

Rule #1: Choose the dress first. Your hair should complement your dress, not compete with it.

Rule #2: Consider your personality. You want to be comfortable at the prom, which means you want to look like the very best version of yourself. If you’re a casual girl who never wears makeup, consider leaving your hair down or trying a braided style for the prom. Leave the formal updos to the classic, traditional girls in your school.

Julianne Hough braided updo

Try a messy, braided updo like Julianne Hough!

Rule #3: Finally, trust your hair stylist. He or she will be able to tell you what hairstyle will work best with your hair type and texture. Bring inspiration photos and be open to your stylist’s suggestions. You’ll want to look fabulous and flawless all night – trusting your stylist is the best way to ensure your hair will cooperate.

Now quick, gather up all your girls and make your pre-prom appointments at the Aveda Institute Los Angeles!

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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda Spring Hair Inspiration: The Long Bob

The must-have haircut for this Spring is the long bob — or “the lob,” as it has been nicknamed. Cut a little below the shoulder, this hairstyle is effortless and chic, and it also works with every type of hair. Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, this shoulder-grazing cut will put you right on-trend and make your mornings easier with less time spent styling! Check out our favorite “lobs” of the Spring season for some inspiration and the courage to make the big cut this spring!

Taylor Swift Long Bob

Taylor Swift rocks her lob with bold, red lips!

Jennifer Connelly Long Bob

It took Jennifer Connelly 15 years to lob off her long locks!

Reese Witherspoon Long Bob

Reese Witherspoon looks effortless with a deep, side lob!

Kim Kardashian Long Bob

Kim Kardashian’s new lob is chic and classy!

Kristen Bell Long Bob

Kristen Bell wanted a fresh and easy lob after her recent pregnancy!

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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

How to with Aveda: Leslie Mann at the MTV Movie Awards

Leslie Mann - MTV Movie AwardsActress Leslie Mann stepped onto the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards looking ravishing with waves inspired by a modern Bridgett Bardot. Her sexy, full hair complemented her polka-dot Juan Carlos Obando dress perfectly! Leslie’s hair stylist, Ryan Trygstad, said, “We wanted her to look playful, yet sophisticated, so I created a hairstyle reminiscent of 60′s red carpet hair.”

We are loving the movement and texture of this look, along with how easy it is to recreate it! Follow these simple steps to be red carpet ready in no time:

1) Apply Aveda be curly curl enhancing hair spray to towel-dried hair to enhance curls and prevent frizz.

2) Blow out hair with a small round brush. Add more spray as necessary.

3) Once the hair is dry, section hair. Use a 1 inch curling iron to create loose waves. Spray each section of hair with Aveda control force firm hold hair spray to set the curls and give them a bouncy effect.

4) After curling hair, comb out your curls with a large tooth comb. Lightly mist each section with Aveda brilliant emollient finishing gloss for extraordinary shine.

5) To finish, back comb the roots to create a slight lift for the ultimate 60′s inspired red carpet look.

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Aveda Institute Los Angeles
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The Art Aveda: A Fond Farewell

My adventure here at Aveda has come to an end.  It has been such a fun ride, and I’ve learned so much on my journey: about myself and about hair.

When I started school I thought I knew the exact type of hairdresser I wanted to be when I graduated. I would be the master of big, beautiful, girly hair, (which only applies to part of my eclectic personal style) and I would love, love, love color.

I had a hard and strong vision of how my education would shape me as a hairdresser, and I wasn’t planning to budge. I was frightened of my razor and clippers because they were sharp, scary and left no room for error. I remember when we were learning men’s cutting in class, and we were asked to use our razor for the first time. While watching the instructional video, I turned white as a sheet and thought I might pass out (typical).  The thought of putting a razor to my thumb was beyond terrifying. Like always, my very patient teacher helped me understand how and when to use the razor and now it is one of my favorite tools!

As the weeks and months flew by, I found myself discovering that I had a fondness for both men’s and women’s short edgy haircuts … So. Not. Cassie. I loved learning how to cut hair in new and interesting ways. I asked an instructor to challenge me on the floor one week and by the next day I was cutting a gal’s layered cut with clippers only!! Hint: it’s a great way to take off a lot of length very fast :)

One of the great things about the Aveda Institute is that they offer career fairs that help you meet and network with salon owners while beginning the process of finding a job for when you finish your program. It was a great way for me to see all of my options and begin thinking about where I would start my career.

From day one I knew I wanted to be a part of the thriving downtown Durham business community. As a resident of Durham, I have always felt strongly about the influence local business can have on a growing or reestablishing city. So that’s where I started my search and I found my future home: Rock Paper Scissors Salon and Gallery.

I am so excited to start my career in a salon that is involved in the community that I live in. They have a stellar reputation and a creative, innovative atmosphere. I felt immediately at home when I walked in for my interview. The owners are very professional and kind. My meeting with them was like chatting with new friends and in the end I was lucky enough to be hired before I graduated the Aveda Institute. I have even had the opportunity to take classes at the salon before graduation to help with my transition into the professional world.

The education that I have received here at the Aveda Institute has really prepared me to head out into the world of hairdressing and the friends that I have made here will last me a lifetime. So I say farewell to the Aveda Institute with a heavy heart. I have loved my time here, and I hope that all of you enjoy it as much as I have!

See you in the real world!


Aveda Institute Student

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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda for Men: How to Style Long Curly Hair

As a part of our men’s series, we’ll be covering men’s styling and grooming tips on the blog a few times a month. Today, we’re covering the best way to style long and curly hair:


1)   Prep your hair for style with Aveda men’s pure-formance shampoo and conditioner – both are great for daily use and will soothe your scalp and give you clean, conditioned healthy hair


1)   For long hair, use Aveda men’s pure-formance liquid pomade, which gives a universal finish to longer hair with high shine and natural hold.

2)   Emulsify a small amount of the product between your hands.

3)   Massage into the hair from roots to ends, as you would a shampoo, to ensure even application.

4)   Use a comb to further distribute the product. Comb the hair into the style you want, while the liquid pomade enhances the curl and fights the frizz.

5)   Let hair air dry.


1)   Use Aveda men’s pure-formance aroma spray with certified organic essential oils of spearmint, vetiver and lavendar. Mist lightly onto body or hair.


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