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The aveda institute of Los Angeles offers a unique learning environment in cosmetology through hands-on, real-world experience. aveda, located in westwood, california, inspires students to exceed expectation and seek lifelong learning beyond the traditional classroom. Aveda promotes the concept that education encompasses more than learning basic technical skills. Our cosmetology curriculum is specifically designed to prepare beauty school students for the state licensing examination and allow them to learn the technical, personal and business skills necessary to work in a professional salon environment.

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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda Product Spotlight: Light the Way Candle

Lighting a candle is usually viewed as a simple way to comfort and relax yourself, but throughout April 2015, Earth Month at Aveda, lighting a candle does so much more than setting the mood or helping to pleasantly scent our homes. Lighting an Aveda Light the Way Candle changes lives.

During the month of April, Aveda donates 100% of the purchase price of our limited edition Earth Month Light the Way Candles Global Greengrants Fund, a non-profit organization that channels high-impact grants to grassroots groups working to solve pressing environmental problems. Since 2006, Aveda has raised $9 million through sales of our Light the Way Candles.

While a $12 contribution may seem insignificant, your purchase of a Light the Way Candle makes all the difference in the world to someone living without clean water. Your purchase of one candle can provide one years’ worth of drinking water for a person living in Madagascar.

This year, the images on the Light the Way candle carton were created by children living in the region of Manakara, Madagascar, who benefited from last year’s Earth Month funded water projects. With new pure flower and plant aroma from 100% certified organic essential oils, including certified organic vanilla, cinnamon and ylang ylang from Madagascar, your Light the Way Candle will spark creativity and stimulate the senses. Each candle is made from 100% naturally-derived soy and plant waxes that burn cleanly and completely, infusing the air with over 27 hours of rich, spicy scent.

The 2015 Light the Way Candle will be available to purchase starting on March 29 at the Aveda Institute Los Angeles. EarthMonth-Aveda_Candle_Hero-3-13-15-693x388

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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Spring Blooms Blonde with Aveda’s Rare Bloom Hair Collection

Ah spring, our favorite season of the year! The transition from winter to spring brings with it warm weather, beautiful blooming flowers and breezy hairstyles paired with soft, natural makeup. Last week, we highlighted our limited edition spring 2015 makeup collection, Rare Bloom, for you – taking us on an exciting journey full of natural makeup hues accentuated with bursts of wildflower color to reflect the inspiration taken from magnificent prairie landscapes.

Next, we want to cover our new Rare Bloom hair collection, and this spring the forecast is all about blonde. “Blonde is having a moment now, but it’s refined to be just the right tone for you,” says Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders. “Whether you feel like channeling your inner rock star, bombshell or flower child, there’s something for everyone.”

To help us achieve our best blonde for every guest, we created Aveda Enlightener Blonde Finish Protective Toners, three pre-blended shades of toner that help perfect and customize any shade of blonde in just five minutes.  Each formula is 96% naturally derived1 and contains our signature blend of plant oils – certified organic sunflower, castor and jojoba—for luminous color.

Your Aveda stylist can choose from:

  • Violet- based Enlightener Blonde Finish Protective Toner Ash
  • Violet/yellow-based Enlightener Blonde Finish Protective Toner Beige
  • Yellow/orange- based Enlightener Blonde Finish Protective Toner Gold

This is clearly not your basic blonde, explains Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Color.“Our new Enlightener Blonde Finish Protective Toners give us the ability to refine blonde hair and really create customized and unique looks.”

To achieve your best blonde for this spring, schedule a hair consultation and color appointment with your stylist at the Aveda Institute Los Angeles!


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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda at NY Fashion Week: Costello Tagliapietra

At the Costello Tagliapietra Fall/Winter 2015 show, runway models rocked bold silhouettes in hues of deep spruces and wines with touches of golds and teals.

To complement these strong and striking elements, Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Makeup, created beautiful luminous skin, earthy eyes and a matte lip with a blended pop of subtle color.

“My goal was to create a youthful, fresh look by bringing out the natural color and overall shape of the eyes by accenting them.” Geason said. “It’s the perfect enchanted look to complement the collection.”

How to Get the Look:

1) On freshly washed and dried skin, apply Aveda Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture Broad Spectrum with SPF 15.

2) Apply Inner Light Concealer where needed; set with Inner Light Mineral Loose Powder.

3) Apply Petal Essence Single Eye Color in Moon from lash line to crease of the lid. In the inner contour of the eye, apply the medium color in the Petal Essence Eye Color Trio in Gobie Sands.

4) On the upper and lower line of the lashes, a third of the way to the outer edge of the eyes, apply Petal Essence Eye Definer in Black Orchid; smudge with an eye shadow applicator.

5) Groom brows by brushing up and over, and then set with Petal Essence Eye Color Trio in Gobi Sands. Apply Mosscara in Earth on the upper and lower lashes.

6) Contour cheeks with Petal Essence Face Accents in Tesserae.

7) Pre-mix Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Pink Hibiscus and Fire Poppy on the back of the hand, then dab lightly to the lips with an eye shadow applicator.


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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda How to: Apply Makeup Properly

av_A24P_254Makeup is by far one of the best ways to change up your look from time to time, but if you haven’t mastered the basic tricks and techniques behind it, experimenting can be a bit intimidating. Application of makeup is an art that most women learn in their own way over time; however, we’re here to make the learning process more simple, quick and efficient!

There are thousands of makeup tips that exist on internet, so we’ve narrowed it down to what we feel are the 5 most important basics of proper makeup application:

1) Cleanse and Moisturize: The most important step in proper makeup application is to start with a clean and moisturized face. You want your makeup to glide over your skin so that it doesn’t appear patchy because of rough spots on the surface of your skin. Start by cleansing your skin with a face wash appropriate for your skin type. We love Aveda All Sensitive Cleanser, our most gentle cleanser formulated specially for sensitive skin. Next, apply your moisturizer. Finally, hydrate your lips with Aveda Lip Saver to create a smooth canvas for your lipstick.

2) Conceal Blemishes: Unfortunately, most women have pesky blemishes that should be concealed before applying foundation. To identify the dark spots on your skin that need coverage, bend your chin inwards a bit and look straight into the mirror. Once most of the dark spots are exposed to your eyes, start applying Aveda Inner Light Concealer with your fingertips. Put a few dots along the under eye circle and at the tip of the closure of your eye. Cover any spots on cheeks, forehead and around the nose. Now, tilt your chin outwards to see if you have any dark spots along the jaw line and under the chin. When you finish applying dots of concealer, blend them with a sponge. av_A6E8_185

3) Even Out Your Complexion: Select a foundation that’s most similar to your skin type. Use a sponge or flat foundation brush and begin applying Aveda Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisturizer. Do not forget to cover your ears, hair line, upper lips and neck.

4) Brighten Up Your Eyes: This will be the trickiest step of your makeup application. Before starting to apply shadow, brush some face powder along your eyes to help your eye makeup last longer. You can start to apply your eye makeup now – sticking with basic shades will always be the safest option. We love Aveda Petal Essence Eye Color Trio in Gobi Sands for a warmer and sandy neutral look. Be sure to check out some of our other eye tutorials on the blog if you need help with this step! Next, apply eye liner and mascara.

av_A69501_1855) Light Up Your Lips: A pop of color on your lips will light up your entire face immediately. The first step is to outline your lips with a lip liner. Select a neutral shade or a shade that is similar to whatever lip color you’re going to apply. Next, fill in your lips with the lip liner to help keep your lipstick from fading during the day. Begin applying lipstick carefully. Tip: if you usually smudge your lipstick while applying, use an angled eyeliner brush – this will give you more precise lines than a lip brush.

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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Spring Blossoms with Aveda’s Rare Bloom Makeup Collection

twophotos-copyHold strong winter warriors, because spring is just a mere 3 weeks away! With spring bringing a mix of warmer winds and sunnier days, we’re ready to start brightening up our makeup and skincare routine.

This year’s limited edition spring makeup collection, Rare Bloom, was inspired by the unspeakable beauty of the plains originally settled by pioneers. “Sometimes it’s not just about the latest trend – it’s about taking a cue from the natural beauty around you,” explains Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders. “The prairie couldn’t have been a more perfect place to shoot this collection, blooming with all kinds of interesting wildflowers and buzzing with bees, butterflies and dragonflies.”

The 2015 collection reflects the magnificence and vibrancy of the natural shades found in the prairie landscape. “It’s soft and natural with vibrant wildflower pops of color,” Beenders says. The full color palette of the Rare Bloom makeup collection effortlessly pairs the seemingly contradictory shades of the Prairie’s earth tones with the vibrant hues of its flowers and sky for a magnetic and beautiful effect.

The limited-edition Rare Bloom makeup collection is now available at the Aveda Institute Los Angeles! Pop in and pick up these gorgeous colors before they are gone!



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