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The aveda institute of Los Angeles offers a unique learning environment in cosmetology through hands-on, real-world experience. aveda, located in westwood, california, inspires students to exceed expectation and seek lifelong learning beyond the traditional classroom. Aveda promotes the concept that education encompasses more than learning basic technical skills. Our cosmetology curriculum is specifically designed to prepare beauty school students for the state licensing examination and allow them to learn the technical, personal and business skills necessary to work in a professional salon environment.

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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda How To: Ann Yee Hair at New York Fashion Week

RedHair-2Shots-AnnYeeLast week, Aveda Guest Hair Artist, Jon Reyman, styled hair for the Ann Yee Spring/Summer 2015 collection presentation at Refinery Rooftop. The Spring/Summer 2015 collection was inspired by New York City’s unstable weather patterns, specifically the time of year between winter and early spring.

To coincide with the clean lines of the clothes, Reyman created a sleek style that transformed into bent waves to add a slightly wild look. “The super straight top that develops into rapid waves speaks to Yee’s vision of that time of year when an urban dweller is suddenly faced with a storm that can be forceful, moody and exhilarating,” Reyman said.

We love the unexpected boldness of this modern ponytail! To recreate the look, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a strong side part on the left side of the head and divide hair into a left, right, and back section.

Step 2: Prep the sections with Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight and blow dry. Be sure to direct hair away from face.

Step 3: Once hair is straight and dry, mist with Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray. Begin working horizontally from one side, and wrap sections of hair around large U-pins in a figure-8 pattern. Secure each with a small clip.

Step 4: Hold each secure clipped section with a flat iron for 10 seconds to set shape. Once cool, gently release the pins and brush out hair.

Step 5: Work Light Elements Texturizing Creme into the waves with hands carefully, and smooth down the top of hair at the crown.

Step 6: Pull the sides of the hair back to a meeting point that is just left of center, secure sections with a clear elastic. Take a bottom section of hair at the nape and wrap around the elastic and secure with a pin.

Step 7: Finish with another spray of Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray to set the look.



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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda How To: Novis Hair at New York Fashion Week

One of our favorite things about the Novis Spring/Summer 2015 presentation was that it was all about vivid color and bold patterns! To compliment the boldness, Aveda Guest Artist for Hair, Frank Rizzieri, created a sculptural knotted bun as a fast and fresh updo.

Frank Rizzieri described the look backstage at New York Fashion Week: “This is definitely the bun of that cool girl who just happened to easily twist her hair up and off of her face. It has natural pieces poking out so it’s not too perfect. It’s definitely graphic, different, but simple looking to match the details of the clothes, but not take too much away from the collection.”

We love this look for its chic simplicity and quick construction! Follow these steps to recreate the knotted bun at home:

Step 1: Spray hair with Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep for volume and thickness and to prep hair for the finished style.

Step 2: Blow dry hair straight to help expand the volume while also creating sleekness; add a light mist of Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine for a touch of shine.

Step 3: Pull hair tightly back into a ponytail that rests just above the nape, but below the center of the head; firmly secure with an elastic.

Step 4: Taking two sections from the ponytail begin to knot the sections tightly until you reach the end of the ponytail.

Step 5: Coil the knotted sections up into the base of the ponytail letting random pieces poke out for added detail. Secure the knotted bun with pins until it is tight to the head.

Step 6: Apply a small amount of Air Control Hair Spray with the fingertips to gently smooth away flyaways.


Aveda Guest Artist for Hair, Frank Rizzieri, works on a model’s hair at the Spring/Summer 2015 Novis Presentation.

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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda Institute Los Angeles Hosts Career Fair

The Aveda Institute Los Angeles held its second career fair of the year on Monday, September 8th! Our senior and junior students were given the opportunity to showcase their talent in both portfolio and action form while prospective employers observed and conducted interviews. Nineteen salons, several of which were within the Aveda network, attended and gave Aveda Institute Los Angeles students glowing feedback on both their professionalism and skills!

Check out some of these photos from last week’s career fair:









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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda for Men: Richard Chai Cool Boy Look at New York Fashion Week

red-headsFor Richard Chai’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection debut, the theme was individuality and the character. To keep things cool and chic, Aveda Guest Artist Frank Rizzieri created a minimal look for the hair of both male and female models that had edge, distinction and texture.

“For the guys, we played up the men’s natural hair, to create a lived in, easy texture,” Rizzieri said. “It was about the guy that went out the night before and this is the hair he woke up with; then he ran his fingers through his hair and started his day; definitely a cool guy statement.”

Here’s how to recreate this “cool boy” look:

Step 1: Look for the natural fall of the hair to let it lie where it wants to fall.

Aveda_products_2Step 2: For curly and wavy hair, use a blow dryer to smooth out kinks.

Step 3: To create the vibe that the hair is lived in, apply Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion for texture. Use the fingers and hands to really scrunch up the hair for a sculpted look.

Step 4: Work fingers through the top of the hair, tousling it to the desired shape.

Step 5: Set the look with a spritz of Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray


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Aveda Institute Los Angeles

Aveda How To: Novis Makeup at New York Fashion Week

jordana-warmflash-novisFor the Spring/Summer 2015 Novis presentation it was all about pop art-inspired graphics and vivid color. To add a softer side to the look, Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Makeup created a face that was subdued but elegant.

“The look is really beautiful and fresh, but not so girly; it’s much more lady like and grown up,” Geason said. Using colors from the Aveda Spring/Summer 2015 makeup collection, Geason kept the face clean while subtle bursts of pinks were found on the eyes and lips.

We are digging the delicateness of this makeup look! To recreate, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a dewy appearance by moisturizing the face with Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme. Even out skin by applying Inner Light Mineral Loose Powder in the shade closest to the skin tone.

Step 2: Groom brows by brushing up and over, then set with a coat of Mosscara in Earth.

Step 3: For the eyes, apply Petal Essence Single Eye Color in Azalea from the lid to the brow bone. Then apply Petal Essence Single Eye Color in Winter Lilac to the outer edges of the top lids. UsAveda_TripleImage_novise Mosscara in Earth on the upper and lower lashes.

Step 4: Contour the cheeks with Aveda Uruku Bronzer in Amazonia.

Step 5: For the lips, block out the natural lip coor by coating the lips with Inner Light Concealer in a color closest to the skin tone.

Step 6: Dab the lips with Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Pink Hibiscus.


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